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It’s Not Night: It’s Holy



Words cannot describe my elation at discovering that the Chronogram had dedicated some of its precious copy to introducing officially to the region a special musical act. It’s Not Night: It’s Space is, by far, one of the best bands I have heard in my recent years and it is a major thrill that they reside right here in the Hudson Valley.

I will not offer you a review of their music. That’s lame and  I am ill-equipped to do so anyway; I am simply offering my LOVE.

I believe that these musicians are quite unaware of the magnitude of their sound. It is noted in the aformentioned article that there is no need for drugs or alcohol to get lost in this music. It is true. The music is so big, drugs might send a listener quite out of their mind. (And, we wouldn’t want that.)

Peter Aaron, Chronogram’s guru of the region’s music scene, gives It’s Not Night the unfortunate designation as “psychedelic hard rock.” Tsk-Tsk. What a shame, I say, because this music is so much more than that.

That which is coming from these men is the New Fangled Cathedral Sound. It is the new Holy music. It should be played alongside the altar during a Traditional High Mass, while the men dressed in gold with tall hats and solemn expressions hold the Body of God in their hands. This music is as worthy to accompany the mass as the Top Ten Picks of Saint Gregory himself.

This is especially true of the song Moon Goose, which can be, not surprisingly, downloaded for FREE.

I am done with modernism. And, so is the world although few want to let it go. It is time to start breathing light back into original cloth, the timeless folds. When I hear these chimes, the way they soar above and take me with them, I know that God is not dead. That God is alive in the hearts of my compatriots and it is good.

Listen to It’s Not Night: It’s Space. Support them. They are the real thing.

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