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He always used to say that I had

gutter blood

for the way my skin turns brown.

It was always meant in jest

not meant to plain

My wife is of the lower orders but I love her just the same.

I whisper to him

in dreams clouded jest

In winter

my skin simmers.

It roasts

while you rest.

Starting now.


Dear Winter

your Gutterblood

I am


green mucus of

filmy skin

only seconds old

streaked miasma

uterine stew…

Oh, you.

My skin is fair now

but she cooks it.

Upon it


she wills it

turning brown

onto the golden wave

she rides it

gutter chariot

her cherry red abomination

immaturity on wheels.

Oh winter,

you rape her,

the apple of your eye.

That fabulous, farm fresh pin-up girl

we know as Miss July.

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