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Election Day: 2012

Make no mistake, these are chants you are murmuring; except the circles you are making with your songs are broken or may not even form a recognizable shape. Their names are mantras we watch drip like non-dairy creamer from each others’ lips:

  • Mitt Romney sounds like the name of an All Star Football Player said loudly from the stands when Americana was still the fastest growing religion.
  • O – B AH – MAH sounds like the low hum of bald monks set up high in a mountain monastery retreat.
  • No one can shed the God instinct. This is, as far as I am concerned, an indisputable fact.  It’s like having an itch right in the middle of your back that cannot be reached just by stretching your arm.
  • That itch is your soul and we all have an inherent desire to reach it. We may get close and set our sights on other heroes: saints, politicians, soldiers, stories, celebrities, designers, chefs, but the only truly fulfilling promise is one’s unfettered soul connection.
  • Alas, that is so much harder to find and very few these days actually do it. Instead, we look at own gods as omnipotent and lie like dogs in total submission. While lying on our backs, it is impossible to reach the itch; but, without a connection to our souls, we cannot possibly, accurately judge our own actions.
  • Instead, we seek to identify right and wrong by looking at these false heroes, projecting our hopes on to them and drawing conclusions from what they say/do. It is far easier to say, “If I vote I am doing my part” then to actually do your part. Because doing our part takes will, courage, creativity and time.
  • When we bury our hopes in elections and politicians we relinquish our autonomy and give the responsibility to them. We say, “Here you go. I am unwilling or incapable to doing the right thing. You do it.”
  • And yet, all over the news and among people I know, the talk has been of the great acts of kindness and courage in the face of the aftermath of That Darn Storm. People have rallied. They have been compassionate. They have been resourceful.
  • They have been creative, MacGyver-esque monsters.
  • They are looking in the broken mirrors that are caked with mud and saying, “Where did you come from? I didn’t know you had it in you.”
  • Pavlov said, ““It is often said and not without reason that hunger is the best sauce.”
We may need tragedy and ruin to help us see clearly and some people may find that actions taken because of those things are insincere. But, I would take the lesser of two evils any day.
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